GPS Tracking System

Global Positioning System (GPS)

A GPS tracking system is a navigation device normally carried by a moving vehicle or person or animal that uses the Global Positioning System (GPS) to track the device's movements and determine its geographic position.Learn more

Personal Tracking System

Personal Tracking

It is a discreet GPS tracker for children, teenagers, women and elders.

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Transport Tracking System

Transport Tracking

It helps track the location of school children while in transit, anytime, anywhere.

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Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle information can be viewed on electronic maps via the Internet

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Vehicle Tracking System

Pet Tracking

It allows scientists to study the animal's activities and migration patterns.

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Need of Tracking System

Why We Need Tracking System

GPS based tracking system is used to Increase productivity, Theft Prevention, and Reducing Paper Work.

  • Personal Tracking

    Many times, when you feel unsafe for your child, you don't have to worry. Our portable GPS tracking system can help you monitor the location of children, pets and valuable assets.

  • Vehicle Maintenance

    The Advanced vehicle tracking system gives you every single data including reports on fuel, engine, speed, and direction. This helps the management in operating more efficiently and taking valid measures to take better care of the vehicle.

  • Asset Tracking

    When the vehicles are carrying precious assets, proper measures are taken to ensure their safety and proper delivery. The vehicle tracking system comes in handy for surveillance.


School Transportation Tracking

School Transportation

Provide great protection for young children in school traffic.

Waste Management Tracking

Waste Management

Monitoring the work done for Waste Management.

Bank Cash Vans Tracking

Bank Cash Vans

Securing the nation's wealth in Bank Cash Vans.

Refrigerated vans & Trucks Tracking

Refrigerated Vans & Trucks

Nourishing the food value in Refrigerated Trucks.

Personal Tracking

Personal Tracking

Track, monitor, and analyze the current location and current status of Children

Transportation & Logistics Tracking

Transportation & Logistics

The Transportation and Logistics industry has to face daily challenges when it comes to keeping

Ambulance Monitoring

Ambulance Monitoring

Ambulances are some of the most important vehicles that people rely on during times of need.

Generator Monitoring Tracking

Generator Monitoring

Generators should be always monitored in order to ensure maximum performance.

Personal tracking system


Commonly, you hear stories of missing children and when in doubt this is by the morals of these youngsters all of a sudden wound about without their guardian's seeing. Parents need to take care of their children frequently. However, this is not always possible, so you need some information that can track your child in real time. The personal tracking system is the first thing to track your child when he is far away from you. The child tracking system can handle most of these problems. This small device can be hung on a pendant like a pendant pager, or it can be worn on the buckle of a tire. The size most suitable for children is smaller.



GPS personal Tracking protect your elderly relatives.

Protect your drivers with car GPS navigation equipment

Safety in secluded places

Use vehicle tracking system to monitor the maximum speed of the vehicle

Use GPS Tracking to ensure the safety of children



We believe that protecting the younger generation is very important, which is why we provide tracking equipment specifically for tracking school buses. With our school bus tracking system, you can use gps navigation devices to track your child's location when your child is in school or after school. Immediately notify the parents of their mobile phones, telling their children when to get on and off the bus, time and location. Depending on the safety and training of our young people, the school administrator hopes to manage the off-get out of class traffic more feasible. Gradually turn to GPS tracking systems to help them effectively manage bus routes, screen drivers and ensure the safety of children



Use GPS navigation equipment to improve transportation management

Regular observations to predict delays in bus landing

Track the stop, speed and inactivity of the bus

Send SMS and voice call notifications to parents in real-time through gps personal tracking devices, and make two-way calls when children enter and exit from the school bus.

If the device is disconnected from the bus, the backup battery can last up to 8 hours.

Over Speeding Alerts



In its simplest definition, a vehicle tracking system is a system that uses GPS satellites to track and control vehicles 24/7 through online computers, smartphones, and tablets. The vehicle tracking system can track the speed of the vehicle, the route followed, the parking point, and the idling time in real time and historically, thereby providing registration and checkpoints and past and present reports on the map.

The fleet is essential to transport people and materials from one location to another. Safe and timely transit of goods and people, generally resembles a world on the move. Fleet owners need to ensure that vehicles are equipped with the correct technical tools for real-time performance tracking.



Maximize driver satisfaction

Improve fleet fuel management

Monitor and maximize vehicle proficiency

Over speeding Alerts, Undesired driving behavior, and Excessive idling alerts.

Geofencing Facility to set predetermined virtual boundaries.

In case the devices get disconnect from the bus, it has a battery backup of up to 8 long hours.

Vehicle owners can review the performance of the drivers by reviewing their driving habits.

Vehicle Tracking System Features

Here are some essentials GPS based Vehicle Tracking System features

Real Time/Live Tracking

Ignition on/Off Alert

Immobilizer From Mobile App

Panic Button & Brake Analysis

Geo fence Alert & Overspeed Alert

Monitor the speed limit of the vehicle

Management of Fuel Consumption

Complete Route Analytics

Get the current location any time

Prevention of Rash Driving/Accidents


Pet Tracking System

Pet tracking provides you with an efficient and effective tracking system for managing pets. Due to its small size, this tracker is suitable for your bull and all cute pets. It tracks, monitors, and analyzes the current location and current status of pets. It will generate reports when you need them. Use a GPS tracking device to track the pet's location.

GPS wildlife tracking: when put on a wild animal, it allows scientists to study the animal's activities and migration patterns. Vaginal implant transmitters mark the location where pregnant females give birth.

Just connect it to your pet’s collar and track its location and activities in real time on your phone.

Pet Tracking System