Kamaraj Software Solutions - Transport Management System

College bus transport management module, the parents and college staff members can easily track the vehicle location while the students are traveling from home to college or vice-versa.


College Transportation Management

College transport providers provide transportation for multiple colleges. So, for them ensuring safe and efficient transportation for students to and from college is one of the challenges they face in their normal routine. In these cases, vehicles are supposed to be tracked in every moment which is not an easy task.

Considering this, kamaraj software solutions designed our College Transport Provider Software in such a way that tracking can be done in an effective manner without much effort. This makes the administrative task of transport providers easy along with ensuring student safety. This is also beneficial for colleges and parents as well.

Entire transportation management of a college starting from route creation, vehicle management, driver allocation, gps tracking etc. can be done from the college management system. This can be integrated with GPS devices in the vehicle to provide real-time data and alerts to parents and college management.

Transport Management System

Features of Transportation Management System

Increases student safety

Increases student safety

Enhance driver safety

Enhance driver safety

manage driver payroll

Manage driver payroll

efficient record keeping

Efficient record keeping

real-time school bus updates

Real-time school bus updates

live monitoring of all the buses

Live monitoring of all the buses

manage stops & time slots

Manage Stops & Time Slots

prompt transport alerts

Prompt Transport Alerts

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