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Hostel Management System software, we can easily manage the hostel details, room details, student records, mess expenditure, mess bill calculation, easy way of room allocation and hostel attendance.


Student Hostel Management System

Hostel is a place which is just like second home for the people who lives outside from the home they feel safe while living in hostel. To manage the data and information of the students who are living in hostel is a very complex task. Hostel management of college management system is an essential feature in both large and small institutions as it involves efficiently managing several aspects of the entire residential facility and reducing staff and manual work. This has been created to help the college staff and the student to easily register and use the facilities while keeping track of their activities within the premises.

Kamaraj software solutions Hostel Management Software has been designed to automate and effectively manage the entire process of gaining admission to the hostel. College management system gathers student information from its registration process and checks for room availability. The student is required to input all information for the process to give a super-fast output. Then it allocates rooms to the registered students and also records their fee and other advance payment details. This helps in keeping an organized record of all students using the hostel facility through the hostel management software

It has been designed with detailed features that monitor the movement of the student in and out of the premises and also keeps a record of the fee payment details. It has proved as an effective tool used to record complete details of all students who use the food, lodging and other facilities.

College Hostel Management system

Features of Student Hostel Management

hostel membership info

Membership Info

hostel warden management


hostel timetable

Hostel Timetable

allotting rooms for hostel students

Allotting rooms

visitor information

Visitors Information

hostel student outpass request or approval

Outpass request/approval

check-in/check-out functions

Check-in/check-out functions

student to room allocation

Student to room allocation

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