Kamaraj Software Solutions - College Payroll Management System

A payroll management system is a software program designed to institute all the tasks of staff payment and tax filing.


Payroll Management System

Staff Payroll and Salary processing Software comes with kamaraj software solutions ERP school management system. This system is benefited for schools as it reduces paperwork to maintain records and also requires less time for generation of payment and reports. Payroll Management System will store the data and will help to generate salary along with perks accurately. Payroll maintains records for leave status (casual leave, half day leave, full day leave, onduty etc) for employees and staff wise. You can also maintain a list of holidays in payroll management system. This managemnet system helps you to take care of monthly pay and allowances by calculating the number of days present in the office as well as authorized leave is taken by the staff.

School Payroll Management system

Features of Payroll Management System

payslip generation

Pay Slip Generation

integrated accounting

Integrated Accounting

recording files and payslips

Recording Files and Payslips

keeping track of staff earning

Keeping Track of Earning

salary depositing directly to staff account

Depositing Directly Account

customisation at its best

Customisation at its best

best security

High Level of Security

salary allowance and deduction

Allowance and Deduction

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