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Asset management software is a dedicated application which is used to record and track an asset throughout its life cycle


Asset Management

Schools can consist of hundreds, or possibly thousands, of important assets that need monitoring. Keeping track of these usually requires a pen and paper or an Excel spreadsheet, which can be time-consuming, restrictive, and at risk to fire or data loss.

Asset management software of kamaraj software solutions is one of the easiest and quickest ways to build and maintain an up-to-date asset register. Each asset register can be compiled of essential data regarding a school’s soft and hard assets. These could be anything from chairs, desks, keys, and laptops, to important documents such as fire procedures and financial contracts. Asset registers allow you to store all kinds of information alongside each of your school’s assets.

school asset management system

Features of Asset Management System

asset registration

Asset Registration

asset assignment for staff

Asset Assignment

servicebook entry


stock details

Stock details

departments-wise asset details

Departments-Wise Details

material receipt details

Material Receipt Details

quality control statuses

Quality Control Statuses

supplier-wise asset details

Supplier-Wise Details

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