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A Library Management System is a software built to handle the primary housekeeping functions of a library.


Library Management System

The library is one of the most used facilities in the school campus and is a critical part of the academic process. All library management system process like adding and managing books, issuing books, tracking books, etc. can be done with the help of kamaraj software solutions school management software.

Kamaraj software solutions, Library Management System provides unique barcode or QR. The school management can download and use them as it is.

A library is the heart and soul of a school. Complete information of all the books found in the library can be collated and updated into the library database software powered by Kamaraj Software Solutions. It enables the students and librarians to manage and peruse the information available effectively.

School library management system

Features of Library Management System

school library membership information

Library Membership Info

book/magazine entry

Book/Magazine Entry

library damage or loss books entry

Damage/Loss Books Entry

library book bank information

Book Bank Information

e-books information

E-books Information

book issue or return information

Issue/Return Information

library book searching title, author, etc

Book Searching Title, Author, etc

classify the library books subject wise

Classify the books subject wise

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