Kamaraj Software Solutions - School Fee Management System

KSS - School Fees management system to automate and streamline the fees processes.


Fees Management System

In Fee Collection Software, you can effortlessly manage student Fee Collection and maintain fees related data. You can view class wise total fee collected in selected date range. Fees Management System of Kamaraj Software Solutions displays total fee collected in particular date range by cash, card, cheque, Bank Transfer etc. You can also export the complete data to an excel file.

A great benefit of school fees management system is the way that they function. They gather all the information related to students in the central database of your school and they also include extra information in the following areas:

Fee payment plans

School policies




Due dates

All this information is collected by way of excel sheets within a span of 24 hours after the student has enrolled. They are also entered and then proofread with almost cent percent accuracy as well. This makes sure that there is no ambiguity in this regard at all.

These modules have been created by Kamaraj software solutions with the specific intention of making sure that the work of fee collection and receipt generation can be done in the shortest span of time possible. It also works in such a way that normal human errors, in this case, can be mitigated at the earliest.

student fee management system

Features of Fees Management System

 date wise fee collection

Date Wise Fee Collection

disply of fees remaining

Display of fees remaining

students pending fees report

Pending Fees Report

fee concession report

Fee Concession Report

elimination duplicatie data

Eliminating duplicate data

generate and print fees receipts

Generate and print receipts

fees slabs with different ranges

Fees slabs with different ranges

record the cheque no or cash

Record the cheque no/cash

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