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Faculty Management System provides user friendly dashboards for teachers, non-teaching staff and management personals at your institution.


Staff Management System

Staff have an important role to play in enhancing the system of education and in leading to effective development of skills and abilities among the students, particularly in leading to their growth and progression. So that staff are important role in college.

Staff Management Software of Kamaraj software solutions covers a whole variety of your college’s working requirements. With this, you can manage a number of staff in your college, their personal details, salary structure, etc. Also according to the subject or expertise of staff, you can further keep a tab on each activity closely. This helps you to run a smooth management system thus making it easier to manage an entire faculty team in your college.

You can also manage and update personal details, education and qualification experience, login details and leaves granted for each faculty.

staff management system

Features of Teacher Management System

teacher personal details

Personal Details

family details of teacher

Family Details



teaching details


staff medical report




staff payment details

Payment Details

certificates management

Certificates Management

staff class & section allocation

Department Allocation

id card generation

Identity Card generation

transport details

Transportation Details

staff attendance details

Attendance Details

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