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Academic Management System efficiently manage courses, subject and sessions for the educational institute


Academic Management System

The university has developed an integrated Academic Management System and comprehensive tool for faculty, staff, students and administrators to overcome the challenges in the process of school/college admissions and post admission. The entire university admission process was proposed to be digitized with the tool starting from Application, Selection, and Intimation & Admissions. The tool is an online-platform that is meant to manage entire gambit of CBCS – from registration of course, registration by the faculty, allocation of courses to the faculty, student attendance, internal assessment, end-semester assessment, and conversion of marks to grades, declaration of results, grade card generation, distribution etc.

Kamaraj Software Solutions creates a university management information system that allows school and colleges to efficiently manage day-to-day operations related to academic management system very easily. It facilitates complete students’ learning journey with perfect curriculum planning, lesson planning, allocating staffs, section allocation compliance all streamlined across the whole system to help develop student outcomes and administrative workflows.

Apart from the school/college timings, the students clarify their doubts by using the kamaraj software solutions university management software. The students participate in the meaningful discussions, submitting assignments, homework details and sharing the information relating to the subject. The faculty clarifies their doubts and give marks to the students who completes the assignments.

academic management system

Features of Academic Management System

student class allocation

Department/Section Allocation

faculty subject assign

Faculty to Subject Assign

class timetable generation

Timetable Generation

student subject management

Subject management

download syllabus

Download Syllabus

student homework details

Assignment Details

school schedule allocation

Schedule Allocation

download routine report

Download/Print Routine Report

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