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Student Admission Management allows to manage the admissions of all the students easily along with student’s basic details, family information, previous school details, transfer and birth certificate and report card with passport sized photo.


Online Admission System

The system as the name clarifies is developed School, Colleges and Universities to help automate the admission procedure. The system is an internet based application which can be accessed from anytime anywhere basis. The increasing numbers of students seeking admission in the Academic Institutes (School, Colleges, Universities) are causing tremendous pressure on the administrative body of the institutes to manage and arrange the admission process manually. It is difficult now to conduct the process accurately and in timely manner. Hence, the need for online admission is inevitable.

With increasing number of students, year on year it is imperative for schools/colleges to follow online admission system. Moving to an online admissions system for schools/colleges where forms and application management platforms are entirely cloud-based provides ample benefits not only to schools/colleges, but also to applicant families.

The time of new admissions for any schools/colleges, especially with all that paperwork can be messy. But, kamaraj software solutions online admission management module makes the process simpler and smarter by allowing for an enquiry module that makes it easy for new applicants to get the information they are looking for at the single click of a button.

Kamaraj Software Solutions cloud-based admission system can revolutionize an admissions office, building efficiency, accountability, and creating a streamlined workflow. Documents associated with applications, such as identity proof, residence proof and mark-lists etc. can no longer be lost since they are stored online and also are attached to the correct applicant.

online admission for students

Features of Online Admission System

student registration


review process

Review Process

enquiry module

Enquiry Module

student batch allotment

Batch Allotment

student document submission

Document Submission

student registration and fees submission

Registration Fees Submission

student details

Save Student Details

subject assignment

Subject Assignment

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