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An automated attendance management system is a feasible, reliable and efficient alternative to manual attendance which tends to consume a lot of the teacher precious classroom time, which can otherwise be saved!


Attendance Management System

The objective of the attendance management system is to reduce the time that is consumed when attendance is taken manually.Our attendance management system easily helps to analyze staff and student’s attendance details. A detailed summary of student attendance can be obtained in an instant. An automated attendance management system is a feasible and reliable. The manual attendance, which tends to consume a lot of the teacher precious classroom time. But attendance management system saves teachers time. Easily scalable and flexible to deploy the attendance management system in schools and colleges. Click the student profile to access attendance information you need and check the absences or late students.

An Attendance management system of Kamaraj software solutions you can simply track students' as well as staffs' late arrivals, early departures and absences explained and unexplained.

Time and Attendance system is built around a secure architecture and role-based access system which allows you to track in real time and provide a set of rights to instructors to manage student attendance data. Using the security features ensures the data is safe, reliable and confidential. Instantly add third party fingerprint biometric software which supports fingerprint based biometrics.

Kamaraj software solutions streamlines processing and managing staff time-offs. The software incorporates simple-to-use Leave Management System to organise, evaluate, and sanction personal, paid, and sick leaves for teachers/professors and staff by automatically taking into consideration aspects such as leave balances, FMLA forms, institution’s policies, etc. Moreover, the system simplifies time-off requests and submission process by allowing the personals to appeal for leaves online.

Kamaraj software solutions contains absent alert system tool to send SMS & E-mail notifications to the concerned respective individuals’ mobile phones or smart devices informing about the absenteeism. Adapting to automated absence management system enables the administrators to conform the absenteeism of staff as well as students via electronic messages and calling; and take subsequent actions to compensate the day with qualified substitutes.

School/College student attendance management system

Features of Attendance Management System

leave management

Leave management

biometric or rfid integration

Biometric or RFID integration

day-wise attendance

Day wise attendance

subject-wise attendance

Subject wise attendance

managing daily attendance reports

Managing daily attendance reports

providing instant notifications to parents

Providing instant notifications to parents

capture real-time attendance logs

Capture Real-Time Attendance Logs

managing half or full day attendance

Managing half or full day attendance

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